Three years on …

Just a quick update… well it has been three years!.

Still here in Altea.

Very happy, settled and doing fine. (Hope you are too) and still not “blogging” the way I always thought I might one day.

If it changes, I’ll let you know. Doubt it though.


I thought you should know …

Time for an update I guess, seeing how it’s been over a year since I started this blog (this must be the worst kept blog on the net).

I’ve moved.

Not just home, but country.

After all the years of to-ing and fro-ing between Altea and Stoke I finally decided where I belong.


So here I am. It’s not going to be easy, but then nothing worth having ever is. And this IS worth having.

I am now a fully registered resident, (albeit a foreign resident or “extranjero”) but I now have all my “legal” papers, Public Health System card and even the right to vote in the next local elections.

But the most important thing I have is … sleeping right now, because it’s siesta time and he does so enjoy his siesta. I guess, with time, I will too – although I do find the afternoons a good time to catch up with my geeky stuff.

Maybe I’ll use this blog after all, to keep track of how my full integration into Spanish life went … but don’t expect too much. You’ve already seen how bad I am at this …

I guess I knew all along …

Typical of me I suppose. Not following through.
But then I don’t really think I ever thought I was going to.

I like starting things … but I’m not good at continuing them.
I guess I like the learning more than the doing.

I will try again though, but don’t wait around.
It’s unlikely to happen soon.

Best laid plans and all that.
Oh well, what did you expect? Well don’t.  

Maybe next week I will be more disciplined or, better still, something interesting will happen that will be worth writing about. Bet it doesn’t.

I like being wrong.

Off we go …

22nd June 2011: Day 1


Well, I never ever thought I’d be blogging.
In fact I’m still not even sure what blogging is. I really should Google it but I don’t want to be tainted by my intellectual superiors – or, more accurately, those who think they are – and I’m still not sure if blogging is actually what I am going to be doing here.

Then again, I never thought I’d still be alive after all these years. But I am, and very happy too. But more about that later, once I get to know you.

I’m not sure exactly sure what I will be writing about yet but I hope it will be useful, interesting and informative, but, then again, I guess everyone thinks something like that when they first start writing. 

And I must stop using then again. It’s not a good start.